The Twist, just lauched to the public, is one of the most spectacular museum architectures to date. The structure of this very special galleryof the Kistefos Museum, designed to house art – not just for the Sveeas art collection but also for independent shows inspired by it – contains a single, airy exhibition space as well as other beautifully designed facilities, overlooking the Randselva river and the belly of the structure in all its twisted glory.

Built by internationally acclaimed practice BIG Bjarke Ingels Group, the white, geometric shape stretches over the water, slender and curvaceous, carrying a sense of movement.

This dynamism translates fully inside too, where walls become floors and vice versa, complemented by large glass openings offering some spectacular views out to the green Norwegian countryside.

The interiors are clad in white painted planks of solid wood, on one hand referencing the exterior strips, and on the other hinting at traditional Norwegian architecture and the local vernacular of country homes and barns.

Wood cladding is very traditional, the commissioned architect Bjarke Ingels explains, but here it also hides some state of the art equipment and opportunities for art display: the sleek, clean interior is the result of some clever designing that keeps all services concealed.

The building is a museum, sculpture and bridge – all in one and its been welcomed with enthusiasm by the media, the public and the architecture and design community.It’s generally recognized as one of the most beautiful museum buildings to open this year. Set in the middle of the Kistefos sculpture park, the 15,000-square-foot structure is a must-see destination for art and architecture lovers everywhere.

The museum will host varied exhibitions of world-renowned artists and will function as a natural extension of the exploration of the sculpture park. First exhibition will be Hodgkin & Creed – Inside Out.

Samsmoveien 41
Jevnaker, Norway