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Mani Nejad’s work encompasses drawing, painting and sculpture exploring the boundaries of each with cross-examinations that invigorates an array of media in new and inventive ways. In his painting practice, Mani Nejad brings together a range of various materials – from traditional textures and techniques to surprising and unconventional new methods and combinations.

Fields of colour underlaid with industrial prints or ready made collage elements are interrupted with richly pooled, dripped and poured paint, resin, wax and shellac. Working with fast-drying materials, Mani Nejad embraces chance happenings revealing the autonomy of his chosen media.

Nonetheless, compositional spontaneity is achieved throuhg meticulous layering that results in unexpected formal and physical combinations. His latest series unites the languages of abstraction and figuration in a single canvas weaving togehter spontaneous tracks of composition that result in works that are organized in their own autonomous way.

Mani Nejad – “Notations” – Oil, shellac and charcoal on paper – 120 cm x 164 cm

While subjects and themes of the images have diverse origins there is still one leading thread throughout this series: unframing our practice of seeing from its frozen habits and conventional context and discovering the inherent relationship of references within these artworks speaking of colour, form, space and material.

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Image: Mani Nejad // Centaurus // Oil on canvas // 180 cm x 130 cm, 70,8 in x 51 in // Courtesy the artist and Kips Gallery New York