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VENAS DEL CAPULLO is currently on view at Sean Kelly Gallery New York. This inaugural exhibition by Donna Huanca at is multi-sensory and expands upon Huanca’s continuing exploration of themes including the body, the cycles of life, and the chaos of the natural world.

Donna Huanca is well known for her impressive installations including large-scale paintings on canvas and sculptures in stainless steel and mixed media, as well as sound and scent.

Huanca’s sinuous, abstract paintings reflect the life cycle of her performances by merging the transience of performance art with the permanence of painting.

The surfaces of her paintings are built upon images of bodies photographed during these performances, printed onto canvas and overpainted. Camouflaged by oil paint of vibrantly colored hues and tantalizing textural dimension, Huanca’s hallucinatory kaleidoscopes are distinguished by the intermixing of oil pigments with sand and other natural materials.

Donna Huanca (b. Chicago, 1980) is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice explores the human body and the natural world through mark-making, raw materials, immersive environments, and singular structures. Encompassing painting, sculpture, and live performance, Huanca’s installations are characteristically created for, and integrated with, the architectural spaces in which they are presented.

Her art is deeply invested in communal practice, exploring ritual at large as a means for transcendence, meditation, and transformation. Since 2012, Huanca has collaborated with performers, inviting them to improvise and interact with her surrounding sculptures and installations as their painted skin becomes a major element in the composition.